Global Resources

Global Resources

Here is a composite list of the resources we have for the APEC Women's Entrepreneurship Summit website.

Global Private Sector Leaders Brochure: Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment

Innovative Approaches to Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment
This work is published by the UN Development Programme and addresses the lack of progress on economically empowering women, while offering constructive suggestions for moving forward. There is a recommendation section titled "Enhancing Women's Access to Finance" which will tie in with Session 3 of the APEC Women's Entrepreneurship Summit.

ICTs and Gender
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development puts forth a study highlighting gender disparities in the field of technoly. This study would also relate to Session 3 of the agenda.

The Business of Empowering Women
McKinsey & Company (affiliated with the World Bank) highlights the improvements that business leaders in the private sector have witnessed since their commitment to female empowerment in their organisations.

The Global Glass Ceiling: Why Empowering Women is Good for Business glass-ceiling
International organizations and many governments know the benefits of the empowerment of women. This article articulates the argument that it is now time for multinational businesses to join the cause.

The Female Factor: Conversations
The New York Times created a thread where people can discuss women's issues and post articles pertaining to these issues by topic.

Women and Work: We Did It!
Featured in The Economist, this article highlights the increase in female employment that has occurred in the United States and a number of other countries in recent history. The author discusses the challenges that lie ahead and the role governments should play in ameliorating those challenges.

2009 Global Gender Gap Report
Published annually by the World Economic Forum, this report quantifies gender disparities by country and reports a nation's progress over time.

2009 World Survey on the Role of Women in Development
This study discusses women's access to financial resources in order to establish economic control.

How Helping Women Helps Business
This article reinforces the benefits for businesses seeking to promote the empowerment of women.

Women Hold Up Half the Sky
This economic study illustrates the benefits of educating women and establishes equal education opportunities as a policy priority.

Groundbreakers: Using the Strength of Women to Rebuild the World Economy _women_s_contribution_to_economic_growth/$FILE/Groundbreakers.pdf
An Ernst Young publication, this work discusses the realities facing the world economy and impresses upon the reader the need for women involvement in solving today's global issues.

Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues, U.S. Department of State

Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Japan

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