APEC Groups

Women Leaders Network (WLN)


The Women Leaders Network (WLN) of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) was founded in 1996 in Manila as an informal, dynamic network which brings together women leaders from all sectors, public, private, academia, civil society, indigenous, rural and women in technology, to provide policy recommendations to APEC officials. The network meets annually at the invitation of the economy which is hosting all APEC Ministerial meetings and the APEC Leaders Meeting.

Since 1996, WLN has met in Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Brunei, China, Mexico, Thailand, Chile, Korea, Vietnam and Australia. More than 4,000 women have participated over the years and have actively participated in drafting recommendations which have been presented to Ministers Responsible for SMEs, Ministers Responsible for Trade, Ministers Responsible for Women, as well as to the APEC Leaders. While WLN is not an official part of APEC, it has been successful in holding policy sessions with APEC in every year since 1996.

WLN is open to women who are leaders in their field and willing to use their position to influence policies that will help benefit women throughout the Asia-Pacific region, most notably through APEC. Among its accomplishments, WLN has presented recommendations which resulted in the first two Ministerial Meetings for Women, creation of the APEC Gender Focal Point Network and the recognition of the ‘unique contribution of indigenous women’ to the economy by the APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade in 1999.

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