APEC Groups

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Ministerial (2010)

Strategy for 2010 - “Strategy for Reinvigorating Economic Growth with Dual Engine: SME and Asia-Pacific”

This symposium will bring together ministers; academic scholars with cutting-edge knowledge from various fields including Professor AnnaLee Saxenian of UC Berkeley, prominent for her works on networks and clusters; and entrepreneurs who have successfully internationalized their business activities to discuss economic growth and SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region. The major points of discussion will be:

  1. Post-crisis growth strategies and start-ups/new businesses
    New consumers in the Asia-Pacific region will create markets with tremendous potential, and we can expect growth in a variety of fields including eco-business and safety and security. Under these circumstances, start ups and new businesses – and through them the accumulation of industry – will play a considerable role.

  2. Effects of international business activities such as trade, investment, and labor mobility on SMEs
    Recent studies have shown that, in general, companies with higher productivity tend to be internationalized, and that internationalization in turn enhances the productivity of those businesses and has positive repercussions for their business partners and competitors through technological transfers and the encouragement of greater competition.

  3. Strengthening the institutional basis for facilitating international business activities and economic cooperation
    To develop business from an international perspective, SMEs need to overcome many challenges, such as securing human and physical resources, and removing financial constraints. They also need to pay attention to procedural issues associated with international business activities.


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