APEC Women's Entrepreneurship Summit (WES)


General Contact Information

APEC Secretariat
35 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore 119616
Telephone Number: (65) 68 919 600
Facsimile Number: (65) 68 919 690
Website: www.apec.org

General enquiries, feedback
Please include your full name, postal address and telephone number, and focus your question(s) on APEC issues. You can identify these from the website. We recommend checking the website first to see if you can find the answers there.

Email: info@apec.org

Use of APEC Logo (trade marks), publications enquiries
Email: jt@apec.org

Website enquiries (technical)
Email: cfj@apec.org

Media enquiries
Email: cdw@apec.org

APEC Secretariat Location Map

Please click to view a larger APEC Secretariat Location Map

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